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Individual Supplies -- These should be labeled with your student’s name. Items that do not have names will be considered group supplies.



:: Laptop, chromebook, or tablet

:: Ear buds or headphones

:: 1 composition notebook

:: 2  two-inch binders

:: tabbed dividers (5)


Group Supplies  No label necessary.


:: Pencils - one pack of 24 pencils. Ticonderoga brand preferred.

:: Scissors

:: 1 box of Kleenex

:: 1 roll of paper towel*

:: 1 rolls of scotch tape

:: 1 roll of double sided tape*

:: 1 ream of copy paper*

:: 1 pack of college ruled paper



4th - 5th graders:

Hand sanitizer


6th - 8th graders:

Assorted brights copy paper


A supply fee will be included on your August invoice. It will include:

:: Composition book for math (a specific size is required and is hard to find, so we will order these for you)

:: The first novel for ELA



Other Required Supplies:

:: Trade books will be requested throughout the year.

:: Additional supplies or a supply fee will be required for extracurricular classes



Optional Contributions:


dry erase markers

pink erasers


cap erasers

spray cleaner

hay for the Mr. Waffles

litter for Ned & Mr. Waffles

*Items in the group supplies list with asterisks are reordered frequently throughout the year. Any additional contributions are appreciated.